Kathy’s Pick: Rover!. He is now an adopted success story!

Kathy’s Pick: Rover!. He is now an adopted success story!

Rover Kisses!

Rover is such an ordinary name for a dog with so much personality.  He is a gentleman and a delight to hang around the house with.  This 60 pound lap dog would love nothing more than to lounge around with his people and dog companions.  He is so smart and motivated to please. He knows all basic commands, is perfectly house broken, loves sleeping in his crate, loves car rides, walks nicely on a leash, hardly ever barks, can entertain himself with toys and bones, loves meeting new people, even loves going to the vet.
Mornings with Rover are my favorite. After I wake him up, out of his snoring slumber, he slowly crawls happily out of his crate and greets me with a big stretch. We then sit on the front step waiting for the sun to come up. Rover leans into me as i have one arm around him and the other hand sipping my coffee. He has such a gentle soul and is a loyal companion.
Rover is currently on antibiotics to help cure his skin infection. Some areas of his skin have scar tissue and the fur may never grow back. It does not seem to bother Rover one bit. He is more than happy to sport a sweater.
Rover has been our foster for over 2 months and we think he is pretty perfect.

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