Find Your Soul-Mutt/Sweethound Soiree

Find Your Soul-Mutt/Sweethound Soiree

After decades of intensive research, experimentation and devoted viewing of old episodes of “The Dating Game,” The Barking Lot has developed the perfect questionnaire to help match you with your “Soul-Mutt!” Curious which of TBL’s temporary barkers would make your ideal “Sweethound” this Valentine’s Day? Just make a $5 donation below, then submit your responses to these 11 simple questions & almost as fast as you can say, “Be mine, my darling canine” you’ll have your answer!


Complete the questionnaire below to find your Soul-Mutt among our Temporary Barkers!


1. Do you plan to attend TBL's Sweethound Soiree on February 12th with your Soul-mutt?
Yes, I’m in for a Doggie Date Night!No, I already have a date that night.

2. When you browse through the pictures & profiles on the TBL website, which THREE of our playful pups do you find most irresistible?

3. Is your ideal canine companion…

4. And does s/he have hair like…

5. You’ve got some free time this coming Saturday, would you rather…

6. What’s your favorite movie? (Please list only one.)

7. ALL of the people listed below walk into a bar together - which one do you hope buys you a beer?

8. When it comes to the age of your soul-mutt, would you rather they be...

9. We love ‘em big & small around TBL - how ‘bout you? Would you prefer a date that comes up to…

10. Of the four types of food listed below, what’s your favorite?

11. As pet peeves go, which one of these do you find the peeviest?

Your name

Please provide your email address

Choose your donation amount (and make your donation using the Donate Now button below):
Find your SOUL-MUTT: $5 donationSweethound Soiree ticket (includes your Soul-Mutt): $15 donation



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