Find Your Summer Honey

Find Your Summer Honey

It’s time to have a Summer Honey Ale with your Summer Honey tail!  Rock Bottom Brewery in La Jolla is hosting “Summer Honey Ales & Tails Tapping Party” from 3-7pm on Sunday, June 28th. Not only are you invited, but The Barking Lot’s scientifically proven date-match questionnaire can find the perfect canine “Summer Honey” for you to take to the party! Just make your donation below, submit your answers & before you know it, you’ll be learning all about your TBL Summer Honey! (Please allow 24 hours for matches to be sent.)


1. Do you plan to attend the Summer Honey Tapping Party on June 28th?
a. Yes, it’s a date! I will be honored to escort my Summer Honey.b. I’ll be at the tapping party, but already have a date lined up.c. No, I won’t make the party, but please find me a Summer Honey anyway.

2. When you browse through the pictures & profiles on the TBL website, which THREE of our gorgeous pups do you find most irresistible?

3. Is your ideal Summer Honey…

4. And does s/he have hair like…

5. It’s summer in San Diego & you finally have a day off! How would you make the most of it?

6. In your opinion, beaches are best used for…

7. Which “Breakfast Club” character are you?

8. You’re flying to San Francisco this morning & the only open seat remaining on the plane as the last passenger boards is the one right next to you. Which local legend do you hope is that last passenger?

9. When it comes to the AGE of your Summer Honey, would you rather they be…

10. We love ‘em big & small around TBL - how ‘bout you? Would you prefer a date that comes up to…

11. Of the traditional summertime fare below, which is your favorite?

12. Which of the following five drivers would incite road rage within you quickest if you were not a devout pacifist?

Your name

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Choose your donation amount (and make your donation using the Donate Now button below):
Find your SUMMER HONEY: $10 donationSUMMER HONEY TAPPING PARTY ticket (includes a date & photo with your Summer Honey, and THREE raffle tickets): $20


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