Melissa’s Pick – Rayne!

Melissa’s Pick – Rayne!

Rayne is one of those dogs that some people give three strikes to without meeting: she’s a bully breed, she’s got a funny looking snarly lip, and her bark sounds ferocious. However, she wants nothing more than the companionship of a loving person and has been gentle and kind to EVERY person we’ve introduced her to. She has the silly, playful antics classic to her breed which always brings about a smile, but when she stares at you with her eyes and uneven face, it just pleads, “Can it be me this time?” I love pulling open her kennel door because her eyebrows go up, her one ear perks, and her whole body excites with a “yes!” look just because you came to visit with her. She has amazing fortitude and resiliency.


  1. I am interested in meeting Rayne and have interaction w/her.

    thank you,

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