Maya – Another Happy Permanent Barker – As Told in Her Own Words

Maya – Another Happy Permanent Barker – As Told in Her Own Words

Hello to everyone at the Barking Lot.  I thought I’d tell you about my day.  My Dad had a doctor’s appointment so I went along for the ride with him and my sister who drove.  I waited in the car alone for the first time, but the windows were cracked open and I had a blanket to cuddle up with.  I was so good that when my sister came back to the car after about 20 minutes, I had not chewed anything and I actually was dozing off.  We then came home and my sister took the photo below.  She gave me this cushion to relax on when I am outside so I split my time between the cushion on the patio and the shade in the garden.  I also love to explore the garden, smell all the flowers, and chew on a little grass.  My dad has a Coolaroo elevated bed for me near his workshop that I can also use when he is working

Thanks for helping me find my forever home.  I know I am loved and I am giving love back to everyone I meet, especially my dad.  We cuddle in bed every night and get to sleep in late when we want.  I passed my doctors physical and I am licensed.  I don’t chase the kitties and they are getting used to me being around.  I will spend many happy years here with my new family and owe my good fortune to all of you at the Barking Lot.  I am grateful to all of you, especially to Michele who taught me all my manners.




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  1. So thoughtful of Maya to take the time out of her wonderful life to thank you. You are all angels at the Barking Lot and every animal and human that comes into contact with you are blessed. I loved this little letter. It made me smile and know how many more loving dogs would love to live a life like Maya’s. Keep up the great work and one by one each beautiful creature will find it’s forever home.
    Love to all,
    Patricia Marden AKA Leonidas’s Grandma

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