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Backyard Dogs Benefit No One

As a puppy, Jake was chained outdoors in a tiny dog run with no shelter and no interaction from his people. He had a chain around his neck that he was growing too big for and a cable that was so short, he was unable to move away from his own excrement. He was saved by Vicki Ristine-Maule and found his way to the Barking Lot, Jake is still looking for his forever home where his people will realize what a cool, cuddly, and playful guy he is.


Permanent Barking Success Stories

Over the years, The Barking Lot has successfully placed countless dogs with their forever families. Besides the constant dog kisses, hearing about happy adoptions is the most rewarding part of Dog Rescue. Recently we have heard from several adoptees, doting upon their new family members.



Kelly from The Barking Lot

With the hot humid weather we have had in San Diego lately, fleas are inevitable. This post will help owners navigate through the sea of products and prescriptions that are available to combat these pests. No one wants their dog to be scratching and miserable due to fleas. The following are some of the treatments that I have found very effective.


Fighting Fur Buddy Anxiety

It is inevitable that at some point we will have to leave our fur-buddies home for a few hours alone. Families with children in school will almost certainly have pets go through some uneasiness as their play time pals start school back up. It is normal for dogs to feel uncomfortable when left at home alone, but there are things that you can do to ease them into this transition.


Mission Brewery


Barking Zone

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