Permanent Barking Success Stories

Permanent Barking Success Stories

Over the years, The Barking Lot has successfully placed countless dogs with their forever families.  Besides the constant dog kisses, hearing about happy adoptions is the most rewarding part of Dog Rescue.  Recently we have heard from several adoptees, doting upon their new family members.  We are always happy to hear from past adopters and get updates on our “Permanently Barked” pooches.  Below are some messages we got this week that we wanted to share with you.

Morgan, TBL

We adopted Morgen (now Sammy) from Barking Lot El Cajon on Sept 16. He loves his new sister, Simone, and his new parents (and visa versa) ! The jury is still out on the cats, but we are confident they will work that out.  -Robin

Carmela is doing great!  She is the most amazing puppy.  We’ve been to dog beach every day and she loves it.  I take her everywhere with me.  -Dan

Just thought you’d like to know that Jasper is doing great! He was extremely skiddish at first but is making great progress. He’s a total Mama’s boy now and is less afraid when new people come over.  Hope you all are doing well!  -Kendall



As you can see by the picture we love Buffy as much as she loves us.  She is so good and loves to play outside but is just a big cuddle bug when we are inside.  We have been walking her everyday and she is doing great on a leash.  Matt has already taken her to 2 sessions of obedience training at Petco and she is doing really well. Thank you again for letting us adopt her.  -RaeLynn

buffy, TBL

Shelby….formerly known as Dora… is such an amazing dog.   She LOVES the dog park and trips have quickly become a weekly Sunday Funday for us…. She has become the little mascot of our tanning salon….nobody cares that we are there anymore, they always ask where Shelby is.  I have clients always bringing her toys and treats. …. Overall she is such an amazing dog…we love her to death and thank you so much for bringing her to us. -Derrick



Lincoln (formerly Ariel) with owner Chris at the beach

Moni, TBL

Moni (formerly Boysenberry)


Churro (formerly Daisy)


With play-date schedules full and new recruits arriving daily, soon we will have many more success stories and we will try to keep TBL supporters updated on all the great pictures and messages we receive.  If you are previous adopter, please feel free to email us and let us know how your fur friend is doing or follow The Barking Lot on Facebook and post pictures there for us to see.

Thank you to our supporters, adopters and volunteers that make these success stories possible.


  1. The dogs you feature for adoption are always beautiful, but they look even more gorgeous in their pictures from their forever home. Its like you can feel they’re relaxing and just being themselves. We adobted two dogs from the Barking lot (1.5 years apart) and they have been such a blessing for us. Thank you to the Barking Lot helpers and to the dedicated and loving adopters for your work!

  2. Just to let you know Dora Nad maxi are doing great!!! They sleep with my husband every night, on at his head the other at his feet. They love him so much.. They love me too but they really are his dogs…They are such good girls. We are so happy with them. They are like our kids….

  3. We are absolutely in love with our sweetheart Churro (pictured above). She has been an amazing addition to our family. We enjoy taking her to the dog park everyday where she runs and plays with the big dogs. She gets along with everyone and is well known . She also enjoys hiking Cowles Mountain. This 15 pound dog will pull an adult up the hill if she thinks you are moving too slow. As 2011 came to an end, our family agreed that adopting Churro was the high point of our year. Cannot thank the staff at The Barking Lot enough.

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