Giving Dogs the Lives They Deserve

General FAQs

What kinds of animals do you rescue?

How do you get your animals?

I need to give my dog away. Will you take him?

Do you take strays?

How long do you keep the animals?

Do you take animals on a temporary basis?

Can I request a particular breed?

Do you always have puppies available?

Do you take donations of items to be used at the shelter?

Are all your assistants volunteers?

What steps do I have to complete to adopt a dog from The Barking Lot?

Why is your application so long?

Why is your adoption process longer than the county shelter?

Is your website up-to-date with adoptable dogs?

How can I tell if a dog is good with other dogs, cats, or kids?

What are your adoption fees?

Why are your adoption fees higher than the county shelter?

Are your adoption fees negotiable?

Do you allow people to take a dog on a trial basis or foster-to-adopt?

Do you take your dogs back if an adoption doesn't work out?

Do you adopt outside of the San Diego area?

Do you have any recommendations for pet-friendly housing in the San Diego area?

Barking Zone

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