The Barking Lot Crew

Stacy Parmer

Founder /
Barking Supervisor

Stacy Parmer founded The Barking Lot five years ago. You can read her story and the story of The Barking Lot under Our Story.

Nancy Stewart

Development Manager

Melissa Foster

Barking Attendant Coordinator

Katie Parkhill

Database Commander

Katie has been with TBL since 2012, when she adopted her crazy Catahoula Leopard Dog, Pandora. She likes to stay behind the scenes and assigns our new recruits their kookie names. She also loves fostering pit bulls with wiggly butts!


Sara Kennedy

Volunteer Coordinator

Chelsea Liu

Chelsea Harrington

Bio Writer/Instagram Manager

Avid fan of Harry Potter, Friends, Settlers of Catan, pollo asado fries, and of course, dogs. Chelsea fostered her first pup from Stacy in 2007 while she was in high school, and picked up another foster pooch in 2011 while in college. She officially started volunteering and writing bios for TBL in 2013. She enjoys bringing her foster dogs to work with her during the week, and frequents Cowles Mountain on the weekends. Fun fact: within the last 2 years, she has hiked 192 different TBL dogs to date (and counting)!

Shiloh Corbet

Shiloh Corbet

Donation Coordinator

Shiloh began her journey in January 2013 after losing her 3 year old Rottweiler Duke. She trained Duke to be a therapy dog to veterans, adults with special needs, children with learning disabilities and hospice patients. After losing Duke, Shiloh wanted to give back to the community and decided to continue volunteer work through The Barking Lot. She became the foster mum of the famous TBL classic barker Pirate (Always be yourself. Unless you can be a Pirate. Then always be a Pirate.) Shiloh understands the importance of knowing quality products and companies that support rescue. She happily took on the title of donation coordinator. She hopes every family finds joy in their adoption goodie bag! #bestadoptiongoodiebagsaround

Jennifer Gehant

Data Entry/Applications

Born and raised in SoCal and 5 years ago married the Navy!  Believes that dogs are better than people, and on the eternal quest for the perfect carne asada burrito!

Keyana Simone

Social Media Supervisor/Adoption Coordinator


Kelly Marques

Adoption Coordinator



Adoption Supervisor

Born and raised (sans dogs) in Canada, Shannon moved to SoCal in 2009 and finally carried out her lifelong dream of loving ALL the dogs. After adopting Milo from TBL shortly after moving to San Diego, she came back for more and became a foster failure and regular volunteer. She loves nothing more than helping the TBL pups find their permanent barking spots!

Marla Frank

Adoption Coordinator



Adoption Coordinator


Rachel Fredette

Adoption Coordinator

Rachel has been volunteering at TBL since November 2014 and loves anything and everything pups. In her free time she’s a hopeless Friends addict and loves long walks on the beach with four legged companions.


Leila Burroughs

Barking Attendant

A born and raised San Diegan, Leila is a devout Chargers fan and has been a season ticket holder for 10+ years. A TBL volunteer since 2012, Leila has adopted two dogs from TBL – first, Nikki Baby, and then Earhart (who introduced her to the wonderful world of foster failures). A true Pisces, Leila’s perfect day involves a pool, the sun, and her two pooches. She is a sucker for dogs that ride low with ears that look like they reach the sky. Her favorite saying might be, “The bigger the ears, the better.” While she doesn’t want to say she has favorite breeds, she absolutely does, and they look like Corgis and Min Pins. If you can’t find her at home or at TBL, you can find her at the Belching Beaver Brewery in North Park, hogging the couch with her friends and their dogs.


Sarah Lower

Barking Attendant

Sarah started at TBL in early 2013 and has volunteered in database, transport, home checking, and is our resident kennel cleaner! She is one of the few to NOT be a foster failure, having successfully fostered and adopted out 6 TBL pooches to their FURever homes! She even took one of her favorite pitties, Brooks, on a trip to the Grand Canyon! When she is not doting on pooches, she enjoys hiking, football, and is a HUGE fan of The Walking Dead. If Daryl dies, she will be the first to riot. FUN FACT: Sarah has lost almost 70 POUNDS since coming in regularly into the facility in late 2014 (and is still going!).

Cassandra Collins

Barking Attendant


Chris Heslin

Valet Barker


Eric Rauscher

Valet Barker

Electrical Engineer turned Dog Walker. Eric prides himself in holding the TBL record for walking the most dogs in one day (he thinks it is 28, but he lost count….) If you can’t find Eric outside walking, hiking and even camping with The Barking Lot “Classic Barkers”, you can look in the keg room at TBL, because he is probably there, contemplating life over a Mission Brewery Brew. Eric has an affinity for Pit Bulls, like Pinky and Spike and can be seen most Friday mornings hiking one of these two at Mission Trails.

Tami and heron bio

Tami Cross

Valet Barker

Tami has been volunteering with The Barking Lot for over 3 years and she sees The Barking Lot dogs and volunteers as her extended family. When Tami isn’t running her law firm, Tami’s volunteer focus is on the TBL dogs that are harder to adopt and that have been with The Barking Lot for a longer period of time, called “Classic Barkers”. Tami loves to do weekly hikes with a Classics Barker as well as walking them regularly and doing home checks to find them great homes.


Craig Schreiber

Valet Barker

When Craig isn’t managing his own Web Design/SEO firm or playing drums in his band, The Verigolds, you will find him running, hiking or more famously skate boarding his favorite TBL Pit Bulls. You can also find him patronizing a local craft brewery with one of his favorite TBL dogs, like Blossom, Heron or Rayne.


Carey Nagoda

Valet Barker

Ginger Haggerty

Valet Barker

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