Permanent Barker Pirate!

Permanent Barker Pirate!

If you’ve ever been out and volunteered at The Barking Lot, chances are you know Pirate. With his one blue eye and his peg-leg, Pirate’s lovable, relaxed attitude kept him in bonus cookies from nearly everyone who passed his kennel during the day.

Well, we’re happy to report that Pirate found his forever home this week! Our sweet boy fits right with his new family, spending time with a new sister and making the rounds with his new mom on acres of property.

Pirate is a gentle, good boy! He got along with Mia immediately.  When he walked in the door at the house, he politely sniffed at the bunnies and the two kittens, proceeded to make friends with Tribble, my tiny chihuahua, then went outside and strolled around the yard.  He saw the horse and goat but made no move at all to even go investigate them! Since then, he’s had cookies, plenty of water, dinner, and now he’s sleeping soundly on the bed next to Mia.

We couldn’t be happier that Pirate found his perfect fit!


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