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Permanent Barker Kersey

Permanent Barker Kersey

Permanent barker Kersey’s family checked in to let us know how our little Olympian puppy is settling into her new home.

Kersey and her new "siblings"
We think Kersey is happy and comfortable… currently sleeping on the living room floor late Thursday night. She is a very good puppy.
We did not change her name. We all agreed that we wouldn’t like someone changing our name just because someone else was a new owner.
She had a vet visit a couple weeks a go and she did great… she didn’t flinch no matter the poke/prod.
She’s got her tags and ID and now “jingles” when she trots.
She has peed and pooped in the house a couple times (a few times, right after a walk… arrgh!) but doing much-much better lately!!!
We have her crate in our bedroom and she has let us know during the night if she needs out to take care of business. 
 She hasn’t had any trouble in our backyard that is full of cacti and a pool and rubber mulch under the swingset… did take some “learning” on the rubber muclh but she is now ok in the backyard with little very supervision.
We’re all signed up for some training classes to start soon.
She probably has been on nearly a billion walks with us… ok, almost… and almost the same number of naps.
She’s been on a couple doggie play dates and did great.
Tired puppy!
Good girl, Kersey!

Good girl, Kersey!

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