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Holiday Donations

Holiday Donations

Everyone’s got one…that impossible person to shop for on your holiday list. Instead of scouring the malls for an item which will only be returned, how about making a donation to a meaningful cause in the name of your loved one? If dog rescue happens to be their passion, The Barking Lot has many ways you can donate on their behalf:

1) Temporary Barking Sponsorship

The Barking Lot structure houses up to 80 dogs in our facility at any given time. That’s a lot of mouths to feed! You can help our Temporary Barkers by donating to their monthly care. Your support will allow us to feed, house, and treat these pups while they await their permanent home. Select a dog(s) to help by visitng our Temporary Barker page.

Temporary Barking Sponsors who fund at least 1 month of care will receive a photo, letter and adoption update on the dog(s) selected for sponsorship. If your sponsored dog is adopted before the end of the month, your donation will be utilized to support another dog in need.
If you can’t fund an entire month of care, please consider helping with a portion of the cost.

Temporary Barking Sponsorship can also be given as a gift in the name of a loved one or pet! A perfect gift for the holidays!
For more details or to set up sponsorship, please email [email protected]

First Month Care for 1 Dog: $275

  • Spay/neuter surgery $125
  • Parasite Treatment $20
  • Vaccines $25
  • Food & Boarding $80
  • Microchip $15
  • Collar, tag, toys, bed $10

Additional Monthly Care for 1 Dog: $100

  • Parasite Treatment $20
  • Food & Boarding $80

2) Amazon Wish List

Easily donate an item to TBL from our Amazon Wish List. Our pups have been very good this year and are hoping Santa rewards them with some goodies.

Of course, all of your online shopping can be done through our iGive page. TBL gets donations based on your shopping; you get charged nothing. How great is that?

3) Feed The Fidos

We have a goal to raise $2000 toward the purchase of dog food. To donate to this campaign, please click HERE.

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