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Permanent Barker Abba!

Permanent Barker Abba!

Our little Abba’s new family sent us a note to let us know how she’s doing.

Oh My Gosh, this baby girl is sooooo sweet, we took her for a walk and she was so happy. She is so kind and loving, she sat close to the both of us and loved to be petted.
Ron and I feel so lucky to have found her; our hearts have been broken because of the lost of our dear “Star” last month. Abba made us feel happy and joyful.

Our dear friends just lost their dog as well, her name was Abby; we would like to change Abba’s name to “Bella” because is Abba is too close to their dogs name and I am sure it will hurt when we have play dates with them and their new 10 week old puppy.

This is the first time we have ever gone thru a Rescue and we are so impressed on so many levels. The application, the home visit and yesterday – you folks do an excellent job of insuring that your rescue dogs find a safe, loving home. Your staff is kind for sure but they do business as well, their dogs are the most important and their welfare.

How Things Have Changed – back story – 16 years ago we found a 9 month (per vet) big boy dog shepherd/husky, and took him in, his name was Ali. Two years later we thought Ali needed company so I saw puppies for sale in the paper. I went to their home and there was 9 puppies at 6 weeks old, the owners said “just pick one” I gave them $20.00 and walked out the door with “Star” in my arms. I took her directly to the Vet and had a “well baby check” and shots etc.etc. Then to Petco and bought baby stuff – food, toys, bed etc. Ali thought that was his baby and loved her to the day he died – 13 years later of heart failure. Star was a shepherd/chow mix and died 13 years later – last month. Animal Rescue is a blessing, what happened to those other 8 puppies? Did they go to a caring, loving family? Your screening is so important…good job!

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