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Permanent Barker Tippi!

Permanent Barker Tippi!


Tippi’s new mom wrote us to tell us how she’s doing:

I thought I’d send you a little update on Tippi. Today is our three week “anniversary,” and she has really opened up. We walked up to Starbucks this morning, which happens to he next door to the vet. We weighed her, and she’s just under 47 pounds! Attached is a picture from today. She’s a great walker and very social. Last week she went on her first hike. She loves other dogs–she gets excited and rolls on her back when we let her “meet” a dog on a walk. She jumps in the car herself and is a great passenger. She’s been to Petco twice. I think it’s her favorite spot. She lets people come up to her and pet her, and she gets lots of compliments! She has also started going outside by herself, which is great because it can get cold at 10:30 PM! We have just started socializing her with the cat, and so far, so good. She doesn’t mind the cat unless the cat is in her business (the cat is quite brave). Then, she usually just barks once. This is the only time she has ever barked. She still gets frightened, but she seems to recover much faster. She’s more afraid of inanimate objects rather than people and animals.

We feel truly blessed to have Tippi. Thank you for all of your support that first week. It was challenging, and I couldn’t have done it without you.

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