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Which Doggy In the Window? Selecting the right rescue pup

Which Doggy In the Window? Selecting the right rescue pup

Twizzler and Butterscotch may be great playmates, but they have very different personalities and grooming needs!

The open internet window on your monitor is filled with hundreds of rescue dogs in your area looking for permanent homes; so many to choose from and they all tug at your heartstrings. There is no denying that adopting a dog is an exciting and emotional experience. This will be your buddy for many, many years to come.
How do you begin to sort through all the dogs to find the one? The best approach to your selection is one based on an honest assessment of your lifestyle. Here are some tried and true tips to picking a dog that will quickly mesh with your current routine.

  • Steer clear of a decision based solely on looks or breeds. The cutest dog or most intriguing breed may not have qualities that suit your situation.
  • Start the process with a logical analysis of yourself and your schedule. Answering the following questions will help with this assessment.
    • How active are you? Do you prefer weekends watching movies on the couch or hiking local trails? What’s more appealing to you – a low energy dog that likes to chill out or one with lots of pep?
    • Are you a homebody or a workaholic? Do you need a dog that can be alone for an entire workday or do you have time to keep a puppy entertained?
    • How dog-friendly is your neighborhood? Are there grumpykins next door that will complain about a barking dog? People often assume a small dog is better in an apartment, but a yappy, little dog can cause a lot more headaches than a lazy, gentle giant.
    • How durable are your human kids? Can they take a bump from an excitable 70-pound puppy? Would a more calm, gentle dog be less stressful for you?
    • Where do you rank on the patience scale? Experience scale? Do you have the demeanor and know-how to handle any canine special needs (e.g., fear of men; separation anxiety; visual or hearing impairments, etc.)?
    • How do you feel about accidents on your floors? Puppies are bound to cause a few stains on the carpet; older pups tend to pick up house training more quickly.
    • Do you have other “fur kids” that need to be taken into consideration? They are family too and should weigh in on the decision.
    • Are allergies an issue for your family? Do tumbleweeds of dog hair stress you out?
  • Based on your above answers you should have a better idea of the energy level, size, age, fur type, and personality of the dog you are seeking. Keep this information at the forefront of your mind as you scroll through Petfinder.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your TBL Adoption Counselor for suggestions about the best pooch for you. Based on our experience and in-depth knowledge of our dogs, we can steer you clear of those that won’t be a good fit and point you toward those that will be part of the family in no time.  We are happy to answer any questions you have about our dogs too; we’ll give you every bit of detail we have on the dog, as we want to make the best match possible.
  • Spend ample time with your potential pup at the introduction. Walk him, sit down on the ground with him, give him pets and your undivided attention. Filter all this first hand information into your assessment – does this dog meet the criteria you established at the beginning of the process? If not, keep looking.  If he does, congratulations on your new family member!

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