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Dolly got Barked!

Dolly got Barked!

Photo Courtesy of Monica Hoover.  Check out Monica’s post about Dolly @Rescued Cards.

We have adopted an astounding 17+ dogs this month already.  They all certainly deserve their own posts, but I wanted to take a second to write about an adoption a couple weeks ago that was a Barking Lot milestone.  Dolly had been a semi-permanent resident of TBL since we moved into our facility in March (she would occasionally go home with Stacy).  She quickly became a volunteer favorite, due to her social and mischievous nature.

For example, when in the play yard, Dolly had on more than one occasion jumped our 7ft fence and took herself on a walk.  When she was hanging out in the lobby, she would hop over the barrier, push open the front door and visit the surrounding business offices.  Our neighbors would cautiously approach her (off leash, running wild) only to have her walk up and roll over on her back, requesting a belly rub from her new friend.  Stacy will attest that no crate on the planet could hold that girl.

Stacy accounted a story about a night when she was leaving the Barking Lot for the evening, only to realize it had been a while since she had seen Dolly.  She called out for Dolly… and heard Dolly’s signature “HONK.”  Stacy looked up, as Dolly enjoyed crawling on the ceilings of the lobby and Sampson Suite.  But the sound of Dolly’s “HONK”was not coming from up high, but low, and behind the wall. Yes, somehow Dolly had managed to get inside the walls of TBL, and had gotten herself stuck.  Fortunately for her, she had a good friend in Stacy and instead of contemplating options that could leave Dolly trapped for hours, Stacy decided to destroy a little bit of wall.  Stacy kicked a huge hole in the wall of the Sampson Suite in order to free Dolly, who I am sure thanked Stacy with many kisses.

She is such a special girl and gave us endless entertainment with her crazy antics.  We are happy to report that Dolly held out for the best home possible for her adventurous nature.  Her new mom is a ultra-marathon runner and Dolly will get to enjoy plenty of exercise and outdoors with her.  We already miss her, but the number of dogs we have been adopting lately have been keeping us busy.  Now, take a look at our special girl during the time she spent at TBL.


Photo Courtesy of Monica Hoover, Check out Monica’s pictures @ Smug Mug.


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