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Ski Resort Puppy Update

Ski Resort Puppy Update

Just a few weeks ago we debuted the Ski Resort puppies. Well, mom Moony did all the hard work; we just utilized our opposable thumbs to snap and post the photos. Moony, a pointer mix, continues to be a great mom! And, the foster mom to all the pack, the fabulous Lynelle, continues to shoot great pictures. We thought you’d like to see the pups now; these were taken at 25 days and 31 days old. The happy pack will be ready for adoption in just a few more weeks. Applications can be sent in now (we hear people are already lining up to pick their pup!).

Day31_Mammoth_7April2013 Day31_Tahoe_7April2013 Day31_Vail_7April2013 Day31_group_7April2013 Day31_eating_7April2013 Day31_BigBear_7April2013 Day28_Whistler&Tahoe_4April2013 Day28_Sundance&Vail_4April2013 Day28_Mammoth_4April2013 Day28_Aspen&BigBear_4April2013 Day25_TahoeBBearVail_4April2013 Day25_Aspen_4April2013




  1. if these babies a aren’t quickly adopted, there is something wrong. They are adorable. Wish I were closer because i would really be ready to take one . . . or two of them. Good luck in finding wonderful homes for them.

  2. We just filled out an application and would love to come see these pups!

  3. Interested to adopt the white/tan/some black puppy. Could you forward me medical info and when they are ready to be adopted. Thanks.
    Btw, I leave in a house with backyard. Would like to take this dog with my daily walks and monthly hiking.
    Thank you.

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