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Permanent Barker Jezebel!

Permanent Barker Jezebel!

Jezebel is AMAZING and we have bonded so much as a family already! She’s actually curled up napping on the floor in between my chair and Jeremy’s shoes right now. She is so unbelievably sweet, we can’t believe anyone ever gave her up. We’re so sorry she had to go through the heartbreak she did, but we can’t help but to think it was meant to be for us to have her.
Jezi sleeps on our bed with us and loves to nap during the day there as well. She also is already in tune with me, 2 days ago when I had a migraine and laid down she insisted on laying by my head (usually she sleeps by our legs) with her paws touching my head. I think she was trying to “help” me. 🙂

Thanks again for saving her and letting us adopt her! We already love her so much!

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  1. I have known Jeremy and Sally for a LONG time.. and they are THE most amazing people.. and pet owners I have EVER met! Jezebel is so lucky to have them.. and I know they will take amazing care of her! Jeremy and Sally seemed so excited and pleased with the choice they have made by adopting this gorgeous dog.. I am so thrilled for all of them!

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