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Maxie: Tami’s Staff Pick

Maxie: Tami’s Staff Pick

maxicraigMaxie has been my house-guest several times now and is one of my favorite TBL temporary barkers.  When I first brought Maxie home, he immediately made friends with my 4 pretty difficult/dominant dogs.  His submissive, playful and easy going attitude won my dogs over, as well as anyone else that met him.  In no time Maxie was even getting the older dogs to feel playful.  Don’t let Maxie’s playfulness fool you though, he is one of the best cuddlers and lap dogs I’ve seen also.  Maxie is so content just laying in your arms or snoring on your lap.  We often brought him with us places since he is so well-behaved.  He sat snuggled in our sweatshirt while we worked on the computer and/or went out to breakfast.  When I fell asleep on the hammock in the yard, Maxie was right there to snuggle into my arm pit and fall fast asleep with me.
Remarkably, Maxie is crate trained and at first he slept the whole night without a peep in his crate.  He went right outside in the am for his morning bathroom routine.  After a few days, I couldn’t resist letting him sleep in the bed and waking up next to him in my arms with his sweet morning kisses and puppy breath!  Maxie is potty trained and walks good on a leash.  Overall he is a joy to have around and you will fall madly in love with him in a day.  Fill out an adoption application or foster application today!


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