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Jean’s Staff Pick – Polly

Jean’s Staff Pick – Polly

Polly may be one of our sweetest pups (but don’t tell the others I said that)! My love affair with Polly started the afternoon I brought her to the groomer. The staff said she was one of the easiest and most well behaved dogs they’ve met, and they each took turns saying goodbye when she left. When I brought her home afterward, I discovered how sweet she really is. She is gentle and responsive to commands while full of energy at play time. She loves to cuddle when she’s invited, but she is also more than content to hang out by herself with a favorite toy. (Polly loves ropes!) I was also surprised to discover that Polly is better with our cat than my own dog! Polly is easy going, full of love and would be a great addition to any home.image-12


  1. Awww, Polly…we adopted Polly’s sister Anna and she is such a love bug and gets along perfect with my other smaller dog (who is a bugaboo extraordinaire), so patient with him!. I so wish we could have taken them both. Please somebody adopt this awesome dog – if she is anything like Anna you will be so happy to have her as part of your family.

    • Glad to hear Anna is doing well 🙂

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